N n

letter NIPA: /n/

Pronounced: “ene”.

Often similar to English (Nice, Napa).


Does have rules:

1. When the n is followed by an f, m, b, v or p, it has the same sound as the m, giving us an English cognate: énfasis (emphasis), inmenso (immense), infusión (herbal tea)

This doesn’t just apply to words: con permiso (compermiso [With permission; May I?]) con marisco (comarisco [With seafood]), con pescado (compescado [With fish]). The merging of the words is elision.

2. When the “n” precedes the “m” it is silent: inmigración is pronounced the same as imigración.

3. When the n is followed by the k (qu or c- [carta]) or hard g [grande] sounds, similar to English in the same situation (“mingle” or “drink”).

For example,arenque