Seven magic points of Chiclana de la Frontera

1. La Colina de Santa Ana

The hill of Saint Anne offers magical views of the Bay of Cadiz and its most recent addition: the Constitution Bridge. The highest point in Chiclana, it was once the location of an ancient watchtower that kept an eye out for raiding vikings and neighboring moors. A park with playgrounds at the bottom of the domed church reflects more peaceful times and a serene way to venture down into the city center.

Ermita de Santa Ana

2. El Poblado de Sancti Petri

A former fishing village, now a ghost town, except when bars and restaurants open in the summer. Discover a different, closer perspective of the past site of a Herculean temple, now the ruins of a castle. For the best view, however, venture into the pine forest that runs along the beach and its dunes. An engraved stone stone marks official magic spot near a short wooden staircase to watch the sun set behind the castle.

Poblado de Sancti Petri

3. La Loma de Puerco

The literal translation is the “Hillock of Pork”. The scene of the Battle of La Barrosa, thousands died fighting against the Napoleonic forces. After taking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery, head toward the Torre de Puerco and an unspoiled beach.

La Loma de Puerco

4. Las Salinas

A view of the local wetlands and the natural park of the Bay of Cádiz is found here. The marshy terrain intersected with canals makes is a popular spot for all types of migrating birds and water fowl, painting the scenery in vibrant, feathery colors.

Las Salinas

5. Miralmar

On an incline near the road to Cornil is a stone, inscribed in Spanish. This is the English translation, “Our romantic and seafaring ancestors rightfully called this place ‘Look to the Sea’ (Miralmar). The sea, the bay, Chiclana and its countryside, a entire horizon in its vastness can be scanned from this hill…”


6. El Carrascal

To see the magic from this spot, you must look inland toward the ancient city of Medina-Sidonia, whose white houses cluster high in the mountains. On a clear day you can make out the flowers hanging from their railed balconies and the light shimmering in the windows as the sun rises in the east.

El Carrascal

7. La Espartosa

The municipal reservoir means a landscape untouched by time. “Sea of green tops is the place to contemplate amid the Iron and Claverán pine trees,” or so says the inscription on the stone. Dwarf evergreens, cork oaks and olive trees, join the other species of pines to create a magical place that takes you back to ancient Chiclana, when there was no frontera.


La Espartosa

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