More about prawns (gambas)

Listen to the word again in the singular:



Formas de cocinar (ways of cooking)

  • A la plancha (grilled)
  • Fritas (fried, plural feminine)
  • Cocidas (feminine plural of cocido (cooked)
  • Gratinadas(feminine plural of gratinado (grated)


Platos de gambas (dishes with prawns)

  • Gambas al ajillo (in garlic seasoning)
  • A la gabardina (battered)
  • Brochetas de gambas (prawn kebab)

If you aren’t familiar with the use of gender and number (singular & plural) for adjectives in Spanish, click here

Otros platos con gambas (other dishes with prawns)

  • Revuelto de gambas y ajetes (Scrambled eggs with prawns and garlic sprouts)
  • Ensalada de gambas (prawn salad)