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high_res_icon_spanish4foodiesAnd let Spanish4foodies satisfy your linguistic appetite. There’s no cost to access our exclusive, patented, educational content, including:

themed lesson 3 Learn the vocabulary and phrases for specific situations while avoiding problems that come with direct translation. Lessons include: arriving at a restaurant, giving an order, making requests and asking for items, to name a few.
grammar color2 Sometimes to truly understand you need to look at it from a different angle. The grammar theory behind the themed lessons does just that. Find out how gender influences everything,  and how the order of words is often the opposite of English. Then there are the reflexive and finite verbs, the subjunctive and imperative moods, the love of the passive voice…
video_quizWatch short clips in Spanish of a couple having dinner, how to cut a leg of Iberian ham, or which wine goes best with what dish. Then take a quiz designed to teach as much as test comprehension.
dictionaryExplore famous Spanish dishes and learn the necessary ingredients to make them. Listen to the word spoken in a clear Spanish, as many times required, until you can close your eyes and visualize making the dish.
conjugation tablesA necessary evil if you want to converse in Spanish. Discover the key verbs required to communicate, their irregularities and common expressions for every type of situation.
high-res-icon-PacoSaysOur first game is aimed at training the brain for the tricky Spanish syntax that is used for many phrases. Work your way up from easy to nightmare in three different setting: at the restaurant, market and table. Set for March release.

These are the…

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… that go with our method. Together they stimulate all of the senses, accelerating language retention and assimilation, in an entertaining and engaging way. See for yourself.  It’s free and comes at no obligation.


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Will this site always be free?

All future themed lessons, grammar points, videos & quizzes, as well as additional audio and visual images for the dictionary, will always be free. However, future products and features will probably come with an announcement, offering the chance to upgrade to a premium service. We promise to make it worth it!