How to use this course

Unlike other online language providers, Spanish4foodies© doesn’t just focus on the linguistics or vocab, opting for a more holistic approach, because we believe it helps stimulate retention and comprehension, if you know why things are the way they are.

Our patented 6 step process to learning Spanish for food related situations.

1. Uno

The letter "c"Completely new to the Spanish? Make sure to familiarize yourself with the concept of gender and the Spanish alphabet. Then read a bit about Spain, the language and the food, to give the words and structures some context.

2. Dos

themed lesson screenshot2Interactive themed lessons begin with the basics and move onto the more complex subjects.  Each focuses on a specific situation, giving you the language needed to get through that moment successfully.

3. Tres

grammar lesson screen shotUnderstanding the grammar theory helps deepen knowledge and speeds up the learning process.  Stumbling blocks particular to English speakers are explored. Parts of speech are often color coded to visualize the differences.

4. Cuatro

screenshot_5_tablet10_spanish4foodies. Mark words in our mobile dictionary as favorites. This is your vocabulary bank, the building blocks of any language.

5. Cinco

how to cut jamonHear the words and phrases you are studying and watch the situations unfold in short video clips, with quizzes to gage your comprehension and re-enforce points.

6. Seis

high-res-icon-PacoSaysPlay our first game: “Paco Says”. It puts into action the different situations, grammar points and vocabulary, to help your brain assimilate the new Spanish structures, logic and words.

*The need for passive learning (watching, hearing and reading), before being able to reproduce and speak a language, is the reason our program is audio, visual and tactile for now. We hope to bring pronunciation practice and the ability to synchronize the website with our products soon. In the meantime, remember…


Read, listen, watch, play. Repeat, switch order, to keep on your toes.

Read, listen, watch, play. Repeat. Switch order, to keep on your toes.


promiseWe sign off with a promise and a short sermon. We will do our best to provide all of the tools necessary to learn a language and present it in the clearest way we know how. In the end, however, whether you learn or not, comes down to your motivation and willingness to spend a few minutes a day with Spanish4foodies©.

When you do all of this plays a major role in how quickly you assimilate the new language and logic. With your first cup of coffee or at the end of a long day? Probably not a good idea as your brain is groggy or fried. In the middle of your lunch break, when your belly is no longer rumbling, but work has yet to beckon? Now there’s an option. Or when you’re on the metro, waiting for someone at home, at the dinner table… You get the idea.

But it shouldn’t be a chore or something you dread.  Your time on this site should be a way to disconnect from life for a few minutes, by escaping into a beautiful, rich, sometimes surreal language, and its equally tasty and textured food.


A Disclaimer

Spanish, like most languages, is much more nuanced than it will be presented here. There are often multiple correct ways of saying something, depending on the situation and mood. Sometimes we point this out, sometimes not. We aren’t pedantic and aren’t trying to get you certified in Spanish. Our objective is to simplify the learning process, to make sure you can understand and be understood. That being said, if you have a question, comment or suggestion, we’re always happy to hear it publicly in the comment section of a particular post or privately through our contact form.