GoLearnTo: Iberian Ham Holiday (Seville)

Alájar is the region renowned for delicious Iberian ham, rolling cork and holm tree clad hills and is the perfect setting for your jamon iberico holiday. The countryside is rich in fresh produce which is where the free range black Iberian pigs indigenous to the Iberian Peninsula roam and are exclusively farmed on this west side of the country.

The countryside surprises visitors with its abundance of wild flowers that continue into early summer due to the plentiful water supply and foliage cover from the sweet chestnut trees keeping you cool through the summer. White villages sit untouched by development, with narrow cobbled streets hugging the lay of the land, creating a peaceful and magical place for you to begin the course.

This 3 night/4 day Iberian ham short break will lead you into the secrets of the Iberian pig such as how it is bred and how to prepare the best cuts of meats, giving you an understanding of why this exquisite product is highly prized by the world’s top chefs.


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