The process then and now

The history of Casademont is the story of a dream. It is the story of the drive of a young man keen to work and carve a niche for himself in times when this was not exactly easy. His parents ran the grocery store in Bescanó (Girona), where they sold the products from the slaughter of pigs, which they themselves prepared. Jaume normally helped them. When his father died, he was the one who helped his mother continue producing the charcuterie products she sold in her business.

With a solid base founded on the values of a family company, and consolidated by its founder, Casademont’s business culture is centred on an essential objective: to promote meat by preparing the best charcuterie products for the end consumer. The opening-up of foreign markets and Casademont’s commitment to selling its products not only in Europe, but in the rest of the world, made it necessary to adapt the product to the unique elements of each target market. The investment was very heavy and the process was complicated. The gamble paid off, and today Casademont exports 45% of its production to 70 countries in the 5 continents. With Jaume Casademont’s death in December 2005, the company started out on a new phase, directed and promoted by his daughter, Adriana Casademont. In a sector as disperse as the meat sector, with over 4,000 factories in Spain, a change of direction was necessary in order to face up to the coming years with the security of a leading company.