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Who are we?

high_res_icon_spanish4foodiesSpanish4foodies© is a self-study course that aims to provide the linguistic skills required: to visit a restaurant, bar or market. First learn the vocabulary on the menu and how to order correctly or make special requests; then how to converse or complain about the meal, to the waiter or Spanish speaking friends.

All of the sections of the website and our Apps have been developed by experienced second language teachers and based on successful lesson plans.  Our approach is akin to an intensive class, where the focus is on the language needed for real life situations, rather than trying to explain it for a convoluted, end of year, exam.

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Who is this course for?

People with busy schedules who only have a few minutes a day to study Spanish and need immediate results to feel motivated.


Being able to converse, even at a basic level, will dramatically improve your visit to Spain. By knowing just a few phrases, you can search out local establishments, avoiding the poor quality and high prices of tourist traps. Meanwhile, knowing your way around the menu, means no more upset tummy, because you had no idea what you ordered.

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The language presented in a different way might clear up a question you have in your regular class. Or perhaps you’re bored with the subject matter and prefer a culinary slant. Our lessons cover the spectrum of situations; our games come in three levels, including a “nightmare scenario” for those with advanced levels.

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Impress your partner, be it for business or pleasure, as you drop Spanish lingo at lunch or dinner. Being competent in a second language has proven to boost your chances at business success. And what better way to win over a date or future in-law, than by asking if he or she likes the food, in his or her native language?


Maybe a trip to Spain is too expensive, or there’s not enough time. Yet you love the “tapas”. Why not start a hobby? One that will help fight the cognitive effects of aging, even if you start as an adult. For half the price of a meal out, you can practice what you learn, by cooking authentic recipes, bringing the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet into your home.


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What is our system?

We believe variety isn’t only the spice of life and key to a healthy diet, but also crucial to language assimilation. Our time in front of students has taught us – just as no two people share the same fingerprint, nor do two people learn alike. The concept of multiple intelligences and the need to stimulate all of our senses is the guiding philosophy of  Spanish4foodies©. That, and everything is a teachable moment.

Howard Gardner's spectrum of intelligences

Howard Gardner’s spectrum of intelligences

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Then after you register, take a  look around and read the themed lessons and grammar points  They are numbered but feel free to switch up the order based on your knowledge and needs.  Things look a little light? Don’t worry. Over the upcoming weeks and months, we plan to bring more lessons, games, quizzes and features. But we can’t do it without you. So if you like what we’re doing, tell your friends and the people you meet. We want to create a sense of community and immersion, to enrich the language learning process.











Wonder why my name is “Paco?” Because I like it when you call me “pacomé'” (to eat in Andalusian Spanish)